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Smart Slider & Solitary Nature and Animal Protection Foundation

Solitary Nature & Animal Protection Foundation (SNAP Foundation), is a Non Profit Conservation Organization registered under Section 8 Foundation of Companies Act 2013, Government of India. based in Siliguri, West Bengal, India. Our primary focus is to mitigate Human-Wildlife Conflict and a peaceful coexistence between human and wild and also to conserve environment, wildlife and sustainable livelihood for an improved environment. We work for a batter future where scientific and technological research, knowledge dissemination, community engagement and policy advocacy are put together to achieve sustainable development.

Conservation is a continuous process which must adjust to social, economic, environmental and scientific advancements. We believe that without technological advancement and community’s engagement no amount of effort can sustain any threatened or vulnerable ecosystem, livelihood or natural resources.

SNAP Foundation is managed by Governing Body comprised with a pool of dynamic people from allied professions. The governing body is supported technically by mentors board and ethical committee.

SNAP Foundation registered under Section 8 Foundation of Companies Act 2013, Government of India with CIN No: U85300WB2020NPL241366, Registration No: 241366 and Section 8 Licence No: 122127


Koustav Choudhury

Founder Director & CEO

Koustav Choudhury is a Wildlife Conservationist and technologist working in the field of Nature and Wildlife Conservation from Last 12 years


Shimu Saha

Director- Projects, Finance & Conservation Technology

Shimu Saha is an Electronics & Communication Engineer and Wildlife Technologist, Working in the field of Wildlife Conservation Technology from last 7 years.


Pradyut Roy


Pradyut Roy is a Wildlife Conservationist and Adventure Expert, working in the field of wildlife conservation and adventure sports from last 10 years

Deep Subhra Biswas (Conservation Biologist)

Deep Subhra Biswas is B-Tech in Bio Technology and M-Tech in Environmental Science ,Working as conservation biologist from last 10 years.

Sanatan Goswami (Zoologist)

Sanatan Goswami is a zoologist, working in the field of wildlife conservation for last 10 years

Gargi Dasgupta (Environmentalist)

Gargi Dasgupta is MSc in Environmental Science, working for sustainable environmental development from last 8 years

  • Manisha Singha Roy(BSc Zoology and MSc Genetics)
  • Bidhisha Sen (BSc Zoology and MSc Zoology)
  • Krishanu Mitra [MTech](Website, Content, SEO🌳+91 9851279634)
  • Navanil Mukherjee (B-Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering)
  • Koushik Sarkar(Civil Engineer)
  • Subir saha (Civil Engineer)
  • Avishek Roy(MBA -Human Resource)
  • Ashis Das(Msc Geography)
  • Sriparna Saha (BA ,LLB)
  • Ranajoy Basak(Accountant and Treasurer)


1. Aditya Gangadharam(Conservation Biologist)
2. Debabrata Chakraborty(Environmentalist)
3. Dipojyoti Chakroborty(Legal Advisor)
4. Nirmalya Acharjee(MBA HR)
5. Chanchal Sarkar (Mathematician and Environmental Activist)
6. Amit Sarkar (legal Advisor)
7. Debojyoti Dutta (Environmental Activist)
8. Partha Pratim Roy(Geography)

Our Team

1. Tapash Singha Roy
2. Sangit Roy
3. Anupam Basunia
4. Rupkumar Paul
5. Sourav Paul
6. Dipayan Biswas
7. Sandip Chowdhury
8. Ritwik Bose
9. Binoy Roy
10. Rupesh Mahato

11. Rupam Sarkar
12. Sujoy Ghosh
13. Subham Sen
14. Rajveer Roy
15. Manosh Mahanto
16. Subham Dutta
17. Tania Choudhury
18. Pintu Mahato
19. Juthi Saha Roy


  • Conservation through technical and biological research, planning and comprehensive work.
  • Evaluation of ecosystem through monitoring and documentation.
  • Mitigation of Human Wildlife Conflict through the use of modern technologies and advancement of new prototypes.
  • Awareness to people regarding the importance of protection of environment and its wildlife.
  • Engagement of communities for sustainable development and their livelihood.