Environmental Conservation Organisation


Solitary Nature & Animal Protection Foundation (SNAP Foundation) is a Nature & Wildlife Conservation Foundation to Protect our Mother Nature & its Wildlife.
SNAP Foundation is registered under Section 8 Company Foundation of Companies Act 2013

Few of Our Projects

Vulture Conservation Project

After the death of 13 Vultures in Ambari of Jalpaiguri of Northern West Bengal, we have started a vulture conservation project with Wildlife Trust of India (WTI). Project consist of Indentification of banned drugs and pesticides causing fatal effects to vulture populations.

Inno Ele Fence (Early Warning)

Inno Ele Fence is a low cost nylon trip wire early warning system connected with siren and light to mitigate Human Elephant Conflict in Tea Estates and Forest Villages. We are using flexible spring poles for flexibility and durability.

Human Leopard Coexistence Project

Tea Estates of Northern West Bengal are home for leopard population due to the east available of prey species. Due to this human leopard conflicts are raising in a rapid rate in tea estates of Kurseong Division and Darjeeling

Elesense to Mitigate Railway Elephant Death in Deadly Railway Tracks of Northern West Bengal.

Elesense, an automated sensor based elephant early warning system to detect the presence of elephants intrusion in crop land and near Railway Tracks and deter them away before any crop damage or casualties.

We are using a combinational sensor, LDR, Opamp, Delay, GSM/GPS module, siren and light combination in this system, which will mitigate human elephant conflict and create a peaceful coexistence.

After the success of Elesense devices from 2018, SNAP Foundation and Voice for Asian Elephant Society (USA), The Nature Mates and The Coexistence Project jointly decided to install 40 devices from railway tracks of Carron to Binnaguri of Jalpaiguri District, where most of the Elephants died or injured due to tain accident from last 10 years.

Project Developed, Designed and Implementated by : SNAP Foundation

Project funded by : Voice for Asian Elephant Society (USA) and Nature Mates