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A warm welcome

Solitary Nature & Animal Protection Foundation (SNAP Foundation), is a Non Profit Conservation Organization registered under Section 8 Foundation of Companies Act 2013, Government of India. based in Siliguri, West Bengal, India. Our primary focus is to mitigate Human-Wildlife Conflict and a peaceful coexistence between human and wild and also to conserve environment, wildlife and sustainable livelihood for an improved environment. We work for a batter future where scientific and technological research, knowledge dissemination, community engagement and policy advocacy are put together to achieve sustainable development.


  • Conservation through technical and biological research, planning and comprehensive work.
  • Evaluation of ecosystem through monitoring and documentation.
  • Mitigation of Human Wildlife Conflict through the use of modern technologies and advancement of new prototypes.
  • Awareness to people regarding the importance of protection of environment and its wildlife.
  • Engagement of communities for sustainable development and their livelihood.