About Snap India

Society for Nature & Animal Protection (SNAP), founded in 2018, is a conservation organization based in Siliguri, West Bengal, India. Our primary focus is to mitigate Human-Wildlife Conflict and a peaceful coexistence between human and wild and also to conserve environment, wildlife and sustainable livelihood for an improved environment. We work for a batter future where scientific and technological research, knowledge dissemination, community engagement and policy advocacy are put together to achieve sustainable development.

Conservation is a continuous process which must adjust to social, economic, environmental and scientific advancements. We believe that without technological advancement and community’s engagement no amount of effort can sustain any threatened or vulnerable ecosystem, livelihood or natural resources.

SNAP is managed by Governing Body comprised with a pool of dynamic people from allied professions. The governing body is supported technically by mentors board and ethical committee.

SNAP is registered under West Bengal Society Registration Act XXVI of 1961.